Why I Don’t Regret Getting Married (But I Regret Having A Wedding)

Thought Catalog


A little over a year ago I had my very own white wedding cliché. After months of stressful planning and teeth grinding at my mother in law to be, I was finally slipping awkwardly out of an overpriced car, in an overpriced dress, ready to walk the aisle in front of a hundred of what I thought were my closest friends and family.

There are two things I took away from this experience, first was my wonderful husband, and second was the newly found knowledge that weddings are SO overrated.

As children we dream of our big day, the media flaunt images of perfect women, and handsome men smiling and laughing as they prance around at their flawless ceremonies and receptions, so it’s easy to understand where our misplaced dreams come from. I was always partial to Cinderella, where fate stepped in, and whisked Cinderella away with her Prince…

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